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    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Get out of Iraq! Withdraw or Veto?

    Stardate 7498.63

    Well good news for Iraqis. The Senate and House have both passed the Bill that pumps another $124 Billion in to the Iraq occupation effort, but more importantly, the Bill has set a timetable for the start of troop withdrawals from Iraq.

    The $124.2 billion bill requires troop withdrawals to begin Oct. 1, or sooner if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks.
    Naturally, Flightsuit McChimpy can veto this bill if he likes...

    The huge bill would fund the war, among other things, but demand troop withdrawals begin on Oct. 1 or sooner if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks. The bill sets a nonbinding goal of completing the troop pullout by April 1, 2008, allowing for forces conducting certain noncombat missions, such as attacking terrorist networks or training Iraqi forces, to remain.

    I almost find it humorous how Canadians have been pushed into staying in Afghanistan far longer than this deadline. The recent vote was a joke as far as I'm concerned. The NDP voted against the Liberals withdrawal timetable because they want immediate withdrawal. Of course, that won't happen anytime soon, so why waste time voting against something that is better than nothing? Oh yeah, better to have NO progress in the House of Commons...

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    Tory hot air bill done...

    Stardate 7483.33

    Looks like no bill is better than a better bill...
    Environmentalists say Environment Minister John Baird told them in a private meeting that he will abandon the bill because he can't accept sweeping amendments put forward by the opposition.

    Because the "Clean Air Act" was ridiculous? Oh well... Liberals did nothing, and neither will the Tories.

    Edit: Or maybe not... Guess we'll wait and see. Just can't keep waiting... that's all.

    Friday, April 20, 2007

    Baird: Environment Minister or Economic Minister?

    Stardate 7467.83

    John Baird went on an economic doom and gloom spree discussing Kyoto, and how Canada would be plunged into an economic recession if we attempted to meet our targets. The fact is, oilfield wives who drive their Ram 2500 to the school to pick up their kids at lunch ought to pay $1.60 a litre for gas as far as I'm concerned... Not once however, did he mention what could happen if we DON'T take serious action, and serious action very soon.

    And here I thought he was the Environment Minister, but he is really the Economic Minister in disguise.

    I believe that eventually our Western economy is going to eat itself up. We are heading for a recession at some point regardless. I simply cannot believe that the future (and near future at that) of our planet and resources is at stake over a doomed almighty buck. But then I am neither an Environment or Economic minister...

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Guns really do kill people

    Stardate 7459.10


    "The problem with guns isn't the guns. After all, responsible and law-abiding gun owners pose no threat to society. The problem is that the current gun laws are not followed by criminals with guns and only serve to inhibit the rights of law-abiding gun owners."

    This is a common cry amongst gun rights activists and on paper it makes sense, sure. The fact is, guns are easily available south of the Canadian border, and to a lesser extent here in Canada as well. Cho Seung-Hui, the 22 year old korean kid who recently shot up Virginia Tech simply walked into a store 36 days ago, and after a background check, purchased a Glock 9mm handgun.

    Law-abiding gun owners vs criminals with guns. Let's go back to that. Cho could not have bought a gun at a store if he was a criminal. He had no record and apart from some complaints about bugging girls in college (no threats or violence involved), the cops had no dealings with him according to the multiude of "facts" coming out in the MSM so far. He may or may not have had mental issues (EDIT: most likely the case that he did, and therefore he should not have been allowed to purchase a firearm if in fact the gun laws were as restrictive as some make out) and definately had a morbid imagination according to his teachers. However, he was NOT a criminal with a gun. He was a law-abiding citizen with a gun. I am not saying he had no intent to kill all those people when he purchased the gun as we cannot know that in all honesty, but I must deduce that gun violence is simply not only in the hands of criminals who do not follow the laws...

    So is it the gun laws that are bad? I'm not sure about that. Certain folks are maintaining that recent rulings at Virginia Tech banning firearms on campus are to blame because other students could have been packing heat and they could have taken the shooter down. Right. This makes sense... NOT. This is the same as suggesting the 9-11 attacks could have been prevented if everyone boarding the planes were given box-cutters with their tickets. If Cho was mentally disturbed but a law-abiding gun-owner until this incident, who's to say that you, or me or any number of other people would fall into that same category? Putting more guns on the streets and in schools and workplaces is an astonishingly short-sighted solution to the problem of gun violence!

    There were signs Cho was disturbed, but there was no way anyone could have known he would make that transformation from a law-abiding gun owner into a criminal (and a dead one at that) and kill over 30 people. Tomorrow, it could be Johnny Law-abiding Gun Owner Doe that snaps.
    The problem with guns is simply guns. They can be used for many things, many of which are fun, entertaining and useful, such as practice, hunting and collecting. However, they were made for one purpose only. Killing. So are gun laws to blame? I doubt it. After all, a 22 year old landed immigrant in the US walked into a store, did a background check and walked out with a Glock. It almost makes you say, "what gun laws?"...

    I pity people who are so afraid that they must surround themselves with weapons to feel safe. It is not the solution to society's problems in my opinion. But then I don't claim to have those solutions either.

    In no way am I condoning the actions of Cho or the events that transpired at the school. This is merely a statement regarding the debate on firearms, laws and such.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Who pays for H-Dawg's make-up person?

    Stardate 7453.90

    Who would have thought that H-Dawg's perfect hairdo was actually the work of his personal make-up artist and image consultant? Hmmm. The big question is, in this new era of accountable government, who is paying the tab for his hairdo and makeup touch-ups? Probably us. You bet. Thanks man. You look great :)

    Image consultants sound a lot like personnel officers, or management consultants... they should be shipped off on Arc ship "B" with the rest of the useless 3rd of the Golgafrinchams. But then again, maybe most of the politicians should be as well.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    New Primal Fear album soon!

    Stardate 7428.44

    Primal Fear have completed all recording for their newest album and are beginning to mix now. They have called the album "New Religion" and it features many tracks and a surprise duet between Ralf Scheepers and Simone Simons of the band "Epica". Other guests include Magnus Karlsson, Kai Hansen and Henny Wolter...

    I am pumped up as the last album they released, "Seven Seals" was fantastic. There is no release date yet for this as far as I know.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Abolishing the gun registry secretly...

    Stardate 7423.2

    Well it seems the Tories are not "getting things done" with regards to a new plan to replace the gun registry. Personally, I support the gun registry but I also admit that it has been administered extremely poorly and changes need to be made.

    However, without any fanfare or debate in the Commons, the Tories have quietly given long gun owners another year to register weapons. Is this because they can't come up with something better? Probably... look what happened with their environment policy :) So since they can't abolish the plan in the House, they will simply keep pushing the deadline for registrations back, effectively abolishing the plan.

    The problem that arises as far as I can see is that the registry is in fact used by the RCMP (effectiveness is open to debate of course) but another year delay in registering means they will now have a registry that is 2 years out-dated.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    New theme

    Stardate 7418.43

    I am experimenting with some new banners and colors. Maybe I'll get inspired by it :)

    Or maybe it's baseball season... Go Jay's Go!

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    "They" are coming...

    Stardate 7413.95

    Increased UFO sightings across Canada leads me to believe that "they" are going to be here soon. Last year was the 3rd highest number of reported sightings in 17 years, especially in BC and Ontario. I can inderstand BC seeing a ton of UFOs for sure, considering Nelson is actually built on some sort of gargantuan magical gemstone...

    I have always been fascinated by these things, and there is no doubt in my mind that we are not alone in this universe. What do you think? Do extra-terrestrials and their fancy machines really exist?

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Playoffs, points and more...

    Stardate 7389.44

    With only 2 games left against 2 teams they are competing against, the Habs face the reality of having to beat both the Rangers and Toronto in their last match. I think one if not both games ending in losses could mean curtains for their chances.

    This is an interesting thought however. For a long time, I have hated the extra point for a shoot out loss. I am mixed about the shootout, and I realise that if they didn't have a shootout, there would be ties, where both teams get a single point. But now, you get a point for LOSING the game in a shootout. Looking at this, and the records of teams such as Montreal and Toronto, we can see how the Habs have 6 points from these losses, and the Leafs have a whopping 11 points. By season's end, Toronto could pass Montreal and make the playoffs based on these losing points being awarded. In other words, a team with an under .500 record could be in, and a team with an over .500 record could be out. This isn't right in my opinion...

    In other news, last year's Stanley Cup champs, the Carolina Hurricanes were eliminated from contention yesterday, marking the first time in history that both teams that went to the finals failed to make the playoffs the following year. Way to go guys!!! I don't think they realise the humour in the ad on their website today either....

    Seeya is right!

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    April Showers...

    Stardate 7382.91

    April Fool's more like. Did I mention I hate winter? The snow was all but gone, and some folks may even have had things starting to sprout and grow in their gardens. Everyone was madly cleaning their yards this weekend, and I knew some snow was coming so I figured I would wait for another week. Some snow I said... "light snow" according to the weatherman. Of course the weatherman doesn't have to shovel my olympic-sized driveway...

    Of course, I don't expect anything else, living in Alberta and all.

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