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    Monday, January 01, 1990

    Important Things To Know About My Political and Religious Standpoints

    There are a lot of small parts in the mechanism that makes me tick, so perhaps I will state a few so that people may have a slight understanding of my thinking before reading and posting here.

    • I am Canadian. My interest in US politics is from an observer's standpoint and I think of the world's issues in that respect as well. My thoughts are always concerned with the world's. Not the US' or Canada's or Jamaica's. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican though my general political view leans heavily towards the Liberal left.
    • I oppose George W. Bush and his administration. I believe they have misled a good number of people all over our world and so far, over 100,000 people have paid the price for it. The "War on Terror" is quickly becoming an open excuse for the US to put their best interests first in other areas of the world, specifically the Middle East. If they really wanted to be the world's "Police" and "Liberator", they would spend a lot more time in Africa.
    • I attach myself to certain Activist groups and agendas if I see a value that is essential for either Peace or the betterment of Mankind. By no means do I believe in every aspect of these groups, or do I willingly follow the party's behind them.
    • I firmly believe that Religion and Politics must be separated at all costs. When a "free" society begins to impose it's religious morals on the populace, they are no longer a free society. This is proven all over the world, and now becoming evident in the US.
    • I hold the International Courts and Organizations authorities above any single nation's. When one nation goes against the Will of the International community, the rest of the nations should and must stand up against them.
    • I am a Baha'i and believe in One God. Whether it is God, Allah, Vishnu, Odin or whatever you like, He is the same. If mankind cannot agree on this simple, basic thought, then they are doomed.
    • By nature, I am a very scientific-minded person. I believe that religion and science must agree though I find my thoughts often conflicting when science takes over.

    There are some issues of great importance to today's society. Many of these are of a very highly contentious nature, and usually are accompanied by a mixing of religious and political beliefs (see above).

    • Genetic research is a key to the eradication of many illnesses and conditions. Morally, this is one of the largest issues facing mankind today IMO. Somewhere, a line must be drawn over what is acceptable, and what pushes the boundaries. Superhuman genetically engineered armies are obviously a bad idea. Or genetically programming people before birth. Of course the research in the area of Genetics MUST go on if we are to better understand our very own make-up.
    • Abortion is a subject that should ultimately be handled by the mother of the baby and her doctor. I believe all parties involved should be encouraged to discuss the situation (as each is always different) but again, the final choices must be made by the mother with the aid and councel of her doctor.
    • Drugs are quickly becoming a huge problem in most parts of the world. I am an advocate for the legalization of Marijuana both for medical and private use, though the substance should and must be controlled by the government in a way almost exactly like alcohol. Drugs of a more refined nature, specifically chemicals and very highly processed drugs such as Ecstacy, Cocaine, Heroin and many others are a terrible plague and should be dealt with quickly. I do not believe marijuana use leads to abuse of harder drugs at all.
    • Nuclear Weapons are another major issue in the International community at present. With many Third World nations on the verge of developign these, the Superpowers begin to get very edgy. When a nation develops "The Bomb", all other nations must suddenly deal with them in a different light than before. I believe NO nations should possess nukes, and though it terrifies me to think of countries like Iran, Libya, Syria, or North Korea developing these devastating weapons, I believe a country with such a massive stockpile like the US should NOT be the one to demand smaller nations ceasing production or refinement.
    • Finally, the current biggest issue at present is the War in Iraq. I stood behind the Coalition after 9-11 and the invasion of Afghanistan but when it became increasingly apparent that the US had no reason to invade Iraq other than deposing Saddam Hussein to install their own sympathetic system in order to get Oil contracts (Haliburton etc.) I began to oppose the War and the Lies of the Bush administration. At present, I understand there is no way to pull out of Iraq without dire results, but the US should be trying their level best to do so, and should definately NOT be thinking of invading another country based on either Lies of "faulty" intelligence.

    A few final points to ponder...

    • Generally, I take the side of the underdog or the unjustly treated. My favorite Folk Hero is Robin Hood.
    • I oppose Fascism and the elimination of human rights and freedoms.
    • All men and women are equal. No one person is better than any other and rarely does a single person actually deserve the special attention and or respect they so eagerly demand.
    • I have never fought in combat. I am a peaceful person and find it difficult to consider fighting or killing another human being. I respect the men and women who do fight for their countries and realise many may or may not agree with the policy of their governments.
    • I have travelled fairly extensively in the world, having lived in Southern Africa at the height of Apartheid and visiting many areas in Europe as well as Egypt and Israel. I have travelled to Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed every moment of my journeys. I have never seen as many soldiers as I did in Israel, though strangely enough, Switzerland was easily in second place.

    I have probably missed a ton but will no doubt edit this page as time goes on.

    All opinions shared on this site are strictly my own. Some people may disagree and that is fine, but rude comments or overzealous debate will be curtailed. I enjoy civil discourse, and encourage independent thought. I oppose George W. Bush and his Wars based on lies.

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