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    Wednesday, January 26, 2005

    The Career of a Redshirt...

    Well, most of us know about the Redshirts. You know, the guys on Classic Trek who either had no names, or stuck around as a security dude for a few episodes only to be cooked by Space Pygmies...

    Redshirts about to be killed by a Cloud of Death

    I found a fun list on the SciFi Bulletin Board posted by GuerticusMaximus...

    The first red shirt death came in the episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" when Matthews was pushed off the precipice by Ruk into the bottomless pit. Rayburn bought it later to become the second red shirt death in Trek lore.

    OK, now for a list of red shirt deaths in TOS history (total of 28)...


    What Are Little Girls Made Of? (2) -- Security guards Matthews and Rayburn killed by Ruk.
    Arena (1) -- Lt. O'Herlihy sees something, then gets zapped by Gorns on planet Cestus III.
    The Devil In The Dark (1) -- Unnamed security guard gets cooked by Horta.


    The Apple (4) -- Lt. Mallory stepped on an exploding rock; Lt. Kaplan got hit by a lightning bolt; security guard Marple was clubbed over the head; ensign Hendorf met a poisonous planet.
    The Changeling (4) -- All unnamed security guards zapped by Nomad.
    Obsession (4) -- Ensign Rizzo, three unnamed security guards have blood sucked out of 'em (note: Mr. Leslie was one of the three security guards who died in the first attack, but he's shown recovering in sickbay after the second attack and was never pronounced dead).
    Mirror, Mirror (3) -- All unnamed security guards killed by Marlena via the Tantalus field.
    By Any Other Name (1) -- Yeoman Thompson crushed to a handful of dust.
    Friday's Child (1) -- Security guard Grant sees a Klingon, takes a Capellan weapon in the chest.

    The Omega Glory (1) -- Lt. Galloway killed by Captain Ron Tracy.
    The Ultimate Computer (1) -- Ensign Harper simply gets in the way of M-5's new power source.

    THIRD SEASON -- (5)

    And The Children Shall Lead (2) -- Pair of security guards get beamed into open space. "Thanks, Captain."
    Elaan Of Troyius (1) -- Engineer Watson wonders what Kryton is doing, suffers the most pathetic death in TOS.
    That Which Survives (1) -- Transporter operator ensign Wyatt is for Losira.
    Wink Of An Eye (1) -- Crewman Compton finds death an accelerating experience.

    The problem with a list like this is that now I have to go and watch all my episodes to verify it! I think my favorite is still the guy in "The Apple" that is walking down the path and steps on the exploding rock...

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