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    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Senator Clinton VS. Gamers

    Stardate 4249.5

    Wil Wheaton sums it up rather nicely:

    Dear Senator Clinton:

    I'm just a writer from California, and I hate to tell you how to do your job . . . but perhaps your time and energy would be better spent investigating Karl Rove, than Carl Johnson.

    Your transparent pandering to the morality squad is cute and all, but let's face it: you're no Bill Frist.


    Wil Wheaton

    Of course, this is in regards to Senator Hillary Clinton's sudden obsession with the game "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" and a MOD that has become available online to allow explicit computer generated sex acts in the game at various points. She seems to be hell bent on goign after the game producers and not even the person who released the MOD.

    The game is currently rated as Mature and I do agree with her that it should probably be rated "R" as it stands alone, but this fight based on some independent hack is pointless.

    I have played this game a fair bit, and my 12 year old has played it as well. Of course, if I knew what the game was about in depth beforehand, I would likely not allow him to play. Of course, that doesn't stop him from going to a buddy's house and playing.

    The point is, the MOD is nothing. All the kids that can go and get it have a much easier chance of going online and finding *real* explicit sex material, without even trying to look for it. So what gives? Seems ridiculous to me. Rate the game "R" sure, for it's original content, but not because of the MOD. Better rate "The Sims" "R" too because you can download dirty MODS for it too.

    I think there are a lot more important things Senator Clinton could be working on in the US at present, and if we can budge our eyes away from *them*, in the WORLD as a whole!

    *** Updated ***

    Well it seems Rockstar games had the codes int he game already but had them blocked off. The MOD simply opens up the code again.

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