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    Sunday, November 13, 2005

    Secret Sunday Cabals...

    Stardate 4854.4

    It would seem that the fate of our nation's Christmas holiday season hangs in the balance with a meeting of Opposition Leaders to discuss strategy for toppling our beloved government. I guess it was inevitable after all of the issues with Gomery, and in true dramatic fashion, the stage is being set up for something I think few, if any Canadians really want. A holiday election campaign.

    The signs all over the countryside at any election time drive me bonkers, but at Christmas, it is definately NOT the time for all the campaigning. Bad enough that retailers are complaining about losing business since it is "their" season, but really... who wants to see "vote for Dinglefritz" signs everywhere too.

    On the retailers... it may be your livelihood, but Christmas is not "your" time. This is why I am starting to hate Christmas. Damned commercialism. An election campaign would only make it worse :(

    That was a little divergent, so back on course, we discuss an upcoming election. In my humble opinion, I think that the outcome of an early spring election would not change at all. The Liberals, still the most popular party, would retain a minority government, and nothing else short of a merger between two others (yeah right) would defeat them. I don't think anybody wants Stephen (Bush boy) Harper as Prime Minister and while he is leader of the Tories, I can't see a win for them. If, by some miracle they did, it would end up a minority government for them anyways... Have fun with that :)

    Perhaps the Sunday meeting will come up with some secret strategy, but somehow, I doubt it.

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