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    Friday, December 30, 2005

    It's so shameful I forgot to laugh

    Stardate Unknown

    I find myself torn between two lines of thinking. George McChimpy said that the disclosure of the secret domestic spying program was a "shameful act". That pretty much sums it up. But to expand on it a little is quite funny...

    After the attacks of September 11th, 2001, George W. Bush decided that since the Patriot Act was so zealously adopted by almost all parties, that he could stretch his vast power even further, and contrary to what is in the Constitution, he decided he would allow his agents to eavesdrop and spy on American citizens without court orders. This makes his move highly illegal, a fact to which he and his handpicked senior psycophants like Alberto "Torturemeister" Gonzales strongly disagree with. Illegal move number one.

    Now the fact that a highly secret illegal operation was leaked out to the press is an illegal matter. We know all about this from the recent Valerie Plame/Carl Rove scandal, and how high on the priority list that one was for the Bush administration to investigate and punish the offenders. So the leak in itself was an illegal act, number two in fact. So illegal move number two exposes illegal move number one, carried out by the Administration, and all hell breaks lose.

    Of course, this time, they are rather zealous in their efforts to investigate the leak. In the Valeri Plame/Carl Rove scandal, the only thing important to Bush was keeping his good buddy Carl around. In this case, his illegal move is the result of the leak and so the holy quest of punishment to the leaker must be met with full fury.

    And thus I find myself laughing yet again.

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