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    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    More calls for Iraq pullout

    Stardate 5568.6

    Obviously, these referendums mean nothing to Federal policy, but it is interesting that 24 of 32 cities in Wisconsin held referendums in favor of the imediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

    What I find interesting is that most people who support the war, and many of those who oppose it, say that immediate pullout would leave Iraq in a mess. Hello... WAKE UP. It already IS a mess! Damn me for saying it, but I am increasingly of the opinion that we should pull our own boys out of Afghanistan. Maybe it is because the heat is really being turned up but also because H-Dog is twisting our foreign policy slowly at the throat... twisting it into some sort of watered down US clone.

    So if immediate pullout is not an option because of the chaos it would leave Iraq in, then what is the plan now? The country is already in chaos, with calls for the PM to step aside, and increasing violence every day. Someone tell me a plan that will work since they don't have one and never did... As far as bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, one of the later thought up reasons for the invasion, the amount of money the US is spending on actual programs to aid in the development of the country ($63 million in the new budget) pales by comparison to the BILLIONS spent on security, military and developing militia forces there. Of course, I don't expect the US to foot the bill to fully rebuild a country they Shock and Awed into desolation and turmoil, but the priorities seem somewhat skewed...

    If the troops left, much of the insurgent activity would be curbed and money could actually be guided into developing the country properly.

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