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    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Of garden sheds and Beckham goals

    Stardate 5977.83

    Another weekend floats by without pausing to check back in afterwards... So much to do in the yard. Friday began with a trip to Mom's, in order to get a chainsaw from her. We had a nice supper, and then I mowed her lawn and did some trimming. This is a good thing, since we left with not only a chainsaw, but also her good weed-eater :) Of course, it has been so hot of late, that we decided to leave our lawn this weekend, until it is far cooler.

    Saturday was the big day as far as work went. Somehow, I managed to mix in a little World Cup and some ball later in the day, but basically, the task at hand was to remove the tin shed we have from it's current rotting base in the low back corner of our yard, build a new base from new lumber, and place the shed on it. Seems pretty straightforward, but then we have to consider there were about 666 nails holding the thin tin frame down to the old wood.

    We began by placing the base boards down in the general area we wanted. They were pretty much the exact size needed, so all we had to do was trim some 3/4 inch plywood for the floor. This went very well actually, and allowed me to get on with the hardest bit. After some gentle prying, and even some rather rugged prying, I had the shed loose from the old rotten wood floor. It took myself, a kind neighbour and the boy and his friend to get inside and lift it over to the new base. My wife had stained the base already, so now all I needed to do was a little metal work here and there (paneel klopping for the Afrikaaners out there) and nail it all back down.

    After all was finished, it looked pretty darned good. I think we are going to paint over it though, as it is an old greenish and white color, and our yard is all dark brown. The rest of the day was filled with campfire (new firepit remember?) and drink.

    I woke up sunday morning at 8:50 with a fusion reaction occuring in my frontal lobes, but had to crawl downstairs to catch the England - Ecuador game. Great game, especially after Beckham scored with a complete cracker of a goal in the lower corner. I did fail to appreciate the logic behind the purely defensive English formation. Only one forward makes for some pretty sketchy attack. England won, which was great, allowing them to move ahead again.

    However, my jubilation soon waned, as we had to begin sanding down our picnic table in order to refinish it. The heat has been nice, but after the previous day of work, sun and drink, the heat was really kicking my butt. I helped sand the table as much as I could, then promptly collapsed in a shaded lawnchair for a few hours.

    Good weekend. In fact, the whole week looks to be good, with highs up over 30 degrees. Hmmm... AJ Burnett is starting for the Blue Jays on tuesday... must watch.

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