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    Monday, July 31, 2006

    No Stop to Aerial Death

    Stardate 6153.66

    I wonder how H-Dawg feels about even more "measured response" in Israel's bid to defend itself against civilian children. On sunday, an attack on the village of Qana in southern Lebanon left 54 civilians dead, including 37 children. Anyone who defends the aerial bombardment of civilian children for ANY reason has some issues they seriously have to work out.

    There was a glimmer of hope as Israel stated they would stop bombing civilians for 48 hours so that aid and relief workers could get into the country, and they could investigate why they keep killing innocent civilians with their laser guided, bunker busting, precision children killing missiles that were made in the US of A. Of course, that has since fallen through now, as Israel says it will continue to fight, and continue air strikes against Hezbollah and other civilian targets.

    Of course, after the brutal murder of said 54 civilians, Hezbollah responded by launching even more rockets than ever before into Israel wounding 11 people.

    I can't wait for the crazy people to come out with images of rockets being launched from the middle of town where undoubtedly, innocent children help load the rockets for the terrorists.

    I can't wait for the crazy people to tell me that it is A-OK for Israel to keep on killing civilians and razing Lebanon to the ground.

    I am still waiting for any form of response to my letter to Prime Minister Steve "measured response" Harper and my own MP, Blaine Calkins from Wetaskiwin Alberta. Of course every time I write to Calkins, I never get a response anyhow.

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