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    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    'Shrooms open gateway to God

    Stardate 6057.75

    Many scientists and experts are suggesting that Magic Mushrooms may indeed open a pathway to the divine. Shrooms were a staple of the '60s hippy culture but native Americans used them long before in religious rituals. In a recent study, 24 of 36 test people said that they had a "religious" experience while stoned. Naturally, being a hallucinogenic drug, it is difficult to decide whether or not these experiences are anything more than a simple "trip". However, Doctor Roland Griffiths of John hopkins University said they do nothing to prove the existence or non-existence of God, and in fact, many test people had "bad trips".

    Maybe they should eat more mushrooms, and see what happens. On the more mundane side, some doctors believe they could be used by addiction patients to help.

    Griffiths also strongly warned people not to try the drug at home.
    That's right, try them in public... at the bar, in your car...

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