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    Monday, May 07, 2007

    What an awesome weekend

    Stardate 7553.27

    It all began friday night, when Tom came down from Edmonton to pick up fencing eqipment. No, not fencing as in chain link or plank, but fencing as in "have at thee knave"...
    Tom brought his bass which was the first instrument I have ever seen with "fanned" frets and after soem plunking around and chatting, we decided we both enjoy some newer power metal, so that makes a good place to begin our musical relationship.
    Saturday was quite nice out, so I took all of my gear out to the shop at the back of the garage. I like playing outside when it's nice, so I spent a few hours jammin away to my feeble little CD player. I couldn't find my 3 Inches of Blood CD though, so I had to race in the house and burn a new practice CD... A better one. One that would melt your face off with the first opening bars of "Deadly Sinners"...
    I had a fire saturday night, and sat by myself with my friend Molson until my wife came back from her friends. It was pretty late though, and gettign chilly so we shut it down around 1:00 am.
    Sunday was the best day of all. By 10:00am, we had done some gardening, and we pushed the old car out of the garage to jump start it and take it for a rip. I swept out the garage knowing full well that I would be moving my music gear to the front of the garage right away! By 10:30, "Headin out to the Highway" was cranking out of our big open door. It was kidn of neat as the guys across the street stopped working in the garage and sat around watching and drinking beer for an hour or so while I was playing... Kind of like a distant audience of sorts...
    It was really fun nonetheless.
    The day was so nice, we ventured down to Burbank to walk along the river, but after our roof leaking storm, the river was so high that the path we normally walk on was several feet underwater. Next week it should be back to normal at least...
    Well enough boredom for today! Back to work :(

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