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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    No Fly, No Sir I Don't Like It

    Stardate 7768.42

    Normally I would laugh at the fact that our esteemed Tory government has finally passed a "No-Fly" list so quickly after the 9-11 attacks and the US enacting a similar law. Please detect the sarcasm inherent in that statement...

    Sadly however, just when it seemed like the whole "War on Terror" sham has begun to die down a tad, here comes Stock Day to the rescue!!! The list itself doesn't seem like such a horrendous deal, but the fact that innocents could be stopped from flying, or the list could be intermixed with the US list that includes not only terror suspects but folks that the government simply doesn't like is more of an issue. Not only this, but now anyone "appearing" to be over 12 must be carrying photo ID or 2 pieces of government issued ID.

    At least we can take toothpaste on the plane again. Or can we?

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