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    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Media Controlled Emotions

    I have always thought that the Media wields altogether too much power. They can easily sway public opinion, change moods, emotions, and discussions. They can make you believe in one thing, or lose faith in another. In fact, as shown recently, it is almost impossible for a self-thinking person to know what is real news, what is sensational, and what is just plain propaganda or lies.

    Recently, the news has extensively dealt with the Terri Schiavo case. In fact, it sits at number 4 on the MSN top movers for search engines right now. Last thursday, it would have been number one. I think the saddest thing here, is that ALL parties involved in the case, have milked the media for almost all it is worth. The networks don't mind. Of course not! Sensational news, public outcry and moral dilemma all make big stories, and undoubtedly, millions of glazed over eyes watch every prime time news hour, to see another glimpse of a dying woman. Of course, the combatants in the case are more likely fighting over royalties to the forthcoming made-for-tv mini-series or the true life book than haggling over burial rights or the Big Question of ending her life. At least that is what the media coverage makes me think.

    Then, the Pope took ill. Gravely so, and now he has passed on. It is a dark time for the Catholic Church, though I am sure that they, too, will rebound with a new Papal candidate. The point I am trying to make is this:

    As soon as Jean Paul II passed away, I have not heard a thing about Terri Schiavo. The poor dying woman who made front page on every television for weeks, is nothing any more. A bigger story has come along. A bigger fish to be fried. The hopes of tv mini series' and top 10 Bestsellers wanes for a while, as images of a frail old white robed man take center stage.

    Lost in all of the media induced sensationalism, the root of the battle from before. The point behind it all, before FOX news and every other major network started exploiting it... Should she have been made to live her life as she was, or did they have the right to end it for her?

    Who cares... the Pope died.

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