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    Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    US War Plans "Too Loud"...

    Colin Powell, now retired, reveals some insight into the pre-war sales pitch that the Bush Administration used in an interview with a German magazine...

    “We were sometimes too loud, too direct, perhaps we made too much noise,” Powell told Stern magazine in an interview released on Wednesday. “That certainly shocked the Europeans sometimes.”

    After much discussion, Powell was sorry for some of the tactics that had been used to convince the US to go to war, but Saddam had to be removed from power. He had tried for diplomatic reasoning, but met up with some stiff resistance to that from then Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney was convinced that diplomacy would not work in Iraq.

    Powell revealed his anger at the misinformation regarding WMDs that he had used to present their case for war to the UN.

    “Hundreds of millions followed it on television. I will always be the one who presented it. I have to live with that.”

    He had never considered resigning however...

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