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    Thursday, June 30, 2005

    Bush Speech Full of *hit

    Stardate 4172.6

    Bush gave his big address two days ago and either many people down south are sheep or else He and his Administration think they are total idiots.

    First of all, they don't have enough troops in Iraq to quell the insurgence according to many Congressional critics, never mind the looming possibility of yet another invasion, in say Iran. Bush is going to "stay the course" in Iraq, and in his 28 minute address, he brought up the September 11th attacks by al Qaeda FIVE times, justifying the war in Iraq.

    I find this insulting, and EVERY American citizen who is capbable of self-thought should also find it insulting. There were never any proven ties whatsoever between bin Ladin and the US invasion of Iraq. In fact, it has been proven that there is no connection at all and that the invasion was done to remove Hussein from power, and most likely (yeah) help secure the coveted Iraqi oilfields!

    Bush is lying to his country again and again, and in fact, by using something terrible like 9-11 as an excuse to justify the steaming pile of shit they are currently involved in, he is preying on the fears of his people... fears for the most part fabricated IMO by the administration to help justify their overseas aggressions.

    My biggest question now... how is he going to connect 9-11 with invading Iran? Or anywhere else besides Saudi Arabia (since that is where bin Ladin was from and got most of his money)?

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Get that friggin retarded monkey out of there, before he insults you any further.

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