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    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    Painting Slumps

    Stardate 4162.6

    You may ask exactly what a slump is, and how one would go about painting it. There are several explanations... First, a slump could be a bank that has been eroded by water, and perhaps fallen over a little, or maybe it is one of the tests used in Concrete pouring to ensure proper strength after curing. Maybe it is even what happens when you grip the bat a little tight and can't seem to get a good base hit... No matter what, all ofthese answers are really incorrect.

    I have found that now that summer is here, it is very difficult to concentrate on my hobby. Either it is the weather, or maybe just burnout from having done so much over the last few years. I know that I have painted maybe 100 figures over 3 years, and out of all of those, I have only a handful to show off in my cabinet at home. This is okay I suppose, and goes to show that a hobby can actually produce some decent money on the side (I have sold single figures for anywhere from $25 to $150 in this time).

    Right now, I have two figures that are started to a good stage, and I have a commission that has been sitting half done for ages. I haven't touched a brush in a month and a half and trying to do so has little chance of happening. So how does one break out of it? Maybe it is all of the commissions. Maybe it's time to paint a couple more for my cabinet. I am seriously going to get this one job done, and then take a break from the commission side. See how it goes with no pressure. Just paint some stuff that I want to, and have fun with it. After all, there are still a few minis for sale on my site, and the way the interest level is in them, I will be happy to keep them in my cabinet a little longer :D

    Stay tuned for some painted minis soon!

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