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    Friday, August 12, 2005

    Opposing a War, Not America

    Stardate 4388.0

    Why does the media insist on vilifying a mother opposing a war? I hear things like "she hates America" and "she is aiding the terrorists"... Media announcers actually have the gall to suggest that her dead son Casey (killed in this "war") would not approve of her actions... Like they have ever met him, or know his thoughts (rather a preposterous thought when you *think* about it eh? How can they even suggest such a thing? Because he was "being all that he could be"? A lot of young people join the armed forces because of their friends. A lot are simply young and don't expect to *ever* see action, let alone get killed. What a joke.

    This is turning into a pile of steaming filth. I am glad some people will peacefully demonstrate for what they believe in, and not be swayed by loud-mouthed bullying media personalities who in reality have no grasp of the truth, put words in the mouths of others and simply spew meaningless rhetoric to smear true heroic actions.

    Go vote in the new poll on the sidebar.

    Oh, and before anyone starts spewing BS about "the letter" from Casey's family pleading Cindy to stop... READ THIS.

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