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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Photo-Radar Gets Trashy

    Stardate 4608.4

    I am the kind of person who doesn't need to speed. I think speeding on Alberta highways is out of control and speed is a major factor in most collisions and fatalities. I am of the mind that photo-radar should be a lot more prolific than it is, and if the fines are high enough, it may help put a damper on some of the ludicrous driving out there now. 150km.h is NOT a safe speed for highway driving. These people think they are Andretti but sadly, they are not.

    A friend sent me some pictures of a new location for photo-radar and I must say, it is both extremely sneaky and welcome in my opinion... as long as it slows people down.

    The Fuzz, examining what appears to be a garbage can along the road...

    Oooh, look at that bad boy...

    Another "garbage can" on the road side...

    Things are not always as they seem...

    I believe these pics are from either Calgary or Edmonton. I am not sure.

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