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    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    Palmeiro; Sports Moron of the Year

    Stardate 4594.0

    MSN - Rafael Palmeiro has decided to blame a teammate for the substance found in his body. Not so long ago, Palmeiro had sworn under oath almost vehemently, that he had never taken steroids in his career "period".

    I look at this case in a funny way now. The guy was going to the Hall of Fame, and undoubtedly was a great player in the game. After the Congressional hearings, his fate was somewhat dubious, but then he had adamantly denied ever using steroids. Recently, he was busted with stanozonol in his system, a steroid that simply cannot be accidentally injested.

    He was suspended for 10 games, and upon his return was heartily boo-ed to the point that he had to wear earplugs his next at-bat. His Hall of Fame induction is in tatters and I am starting to suspect he wants to end his career with everyone involved with the Orioles and their fans hating him. He told the baseball arbitration panel that a teammate gave him an unknown substance.

    Alright, even if that excuse washes, (which it shouldn't since I highly suspect his teammate didn't knock him unconcious and force the unknown substance into his system through whatever means necessary) the fact that the guy is taking something that he doesn't have a clue what it is puts him up for the Sports Moron of the Year award...

    Hey, at least he's rich and has a lifetime supply of Viagra.

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