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    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Secret Prisons and Torture: The Modern C.I.A.

    Stardate 4798.6

    MSN - CIA holds terror suspects in secret prisons; Debate grows within agency about legality, morality of approach

    We all know about Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and Abu Ghraib in Iraq. We have seen the photos of abuse, and watched as all the small fries got charged and jailed while the big fish went free, sat back and made more rules up... Well now it would seem that the CIA has been very busy settign up prisons all over, to help in their "War on Terror". Some of the highest profile al Qaeda captives are actually being held in a secret prison inEastern Europe. They have set up other secret detainee camps all over, including Thailand, Afghanistan and other democratic nations in Eastern Europe.

    The thing about these detainees is that many of them have never been charged with anything. It seems extremely hypocritical that a country who maintains their own Administration's member's innocence until proven guilty continues to hold so many prisoners illegally.
    "In our system, each individual is presumed innocent and entitled to due process and a fair trial." - George W. Bush
    Now what is really scary here, is that recently, Congress had voted to pass a military bill that included rules and regulations banning the mistreatment and torture of prisoners. Doesn't sound scary, but DICK Cheney and the CIA Director Porter J. Goss had asked Congress to exempt CIA employees from these rules. So now, we have secret detainment camps that do NOT allow due process as George the Monkey puts it, and the folks that operate them are allowed to use whatever means necessary to hold and question these detainees...

    And I thought that C.I.A. stood for the Central Intelligence Agency, not the Schutzstaffel...

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