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    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Toppling the "Repressive" Regime; NOT!

    Stardate 4928.3

    Today is the day that the Opposition in Canada will get it's non-confidence vote and throw Canadians into a winter campaign to re-elect another minority Liberal government. Yes, this seems to sound very strange, and honestly, I think the Conservatives, though rightly holding the reigning Liberals accountable for the Sponsorship scandal that has already been judged "over with" as far as responsibility with the current administration goes, stands very little chance of garnering enough votes to form their own minority government.

    Already, the irons are in the fire, with comments from Stephen Harper describing the Liberals as corrupt and on side with organised crime causing a heated reaction from both the Liberals' legal team and even Jack Layton, all demanding they be retracted.

    The timing of this election is likely to be terrible, with many Canadians not happy about a holiday campaign. Not only this, but there are about 35 bills on hold now in Parliament, including an act to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

    There is a chance that the Conservatives could win the coming election, though Harper has very little support out east. If he did win, they would have a weak government, possibly having to align themselves with the Bloc... producing an unstable government comprised of a faction of separatists working with a faction who would sell everything to the US for a few missiles... Before you go and vote Conservative, remember who wanted to blindly follow Bush into the Iraq quagmire.... it was brown-nose Harper and the Conservatives. Well lets make a call ont hat right now. We did good and right by NOT following them in. It may have damaged our trade relations, but I would willingly throw away all relations with the US to maintain our standing int he International community.

    There is also a chance that enough voters will be pissed off at the timing and waste of tax dollars with the election, and in order to avoid getting the right wingers in power, they may switch their votes to Liberal. This could realistically, produce a majority Liberal government. We will have to wait and see I suppose.

    The vote is expected to be held this evening, prompting Prime Minister Paul Martin to as the Governor General to call an election for either January 16th or the 23rd.

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