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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Rebuilding Iraq? NOT!

    Stardate 5108.5

    It would seem that the US has decided it's spent enough money on rebuilding projects in Iraq.
    The Bush administration does not intend to seek any new funds for Iraq reconstruction in the budget request going before Congress in February, officials say. The decision signals the winding down of an $18.4 billion U.S. rebuilding effort in which roughly half of the money was eaten away by the insurgency, a buildup of Iraq's criminal justice system and the investigation and trial of Saddam Hussein.
    Of course, I believe they never intended to rebuild the country, just as the General says, but then after a heavy aerial bombardment campaign, things don't need rebuilt right? So far, they have spent about $18.4 Billion on rebuilding projects, but then, $2.5 Billion was shifted from rebuilding essential electrical, education, water, sewage, sanitation and oil networks to build new security forces, prisons and detention centers. Also, anywhere from 14 to 22 percent of the cost of every non-military reconstruction project goes towards security.

    So with about $3.7 Billion still unspent, and the $2.5 Billion shifted to security, we are left with $12.2 Billion and of that, only an average of 82 percent is actually spent on the projects (an not security)... so the US has spent $10 Billion on reconstruction. According to my ticker, the Cost of the War in Iraq rings in at over $231 Billion as of today, or roughly 23 times as much as the rebuilding efforts. Congress has no problems increasing funds for the War efforts, but not the repurcussions afterwards.

    And before anyone jumps up and down like an idiot and says, "they should rebuild their own country" let's not forget who bombed them, invaded them and ocupied them. Is this the way to help out people in other nations? Is this sending a good message about what freedom and democracy can do? The War machine goes on. The rebuilding machine grinds to a halt.

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