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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    Betraying Democracy for Greed

    Stardate 5383.9

    Well, really, that's what it's all about, and in Western civilization, Capitalism reigns supreme, even over almost every other fundamental belief we have. I find it disheartening that the media has taken a leave on the "Honourable" David Emerson. So I am taking it on myself to rehash a little...

    Yes, there were others before him. I am talking about the "Honourable" David Emerson however, so if you can't deal with that, stop reading now. This is a guy who overwhelmingly defeated the Conservative candidate in the Vancouver Kingsway riding, as a Liberal. A mere two weeks after winning his seat, he betrayed every one of those voters, and jumped on a juicy scrap from the plate of H-Dog and his Conservatives, who are very busily lying to the Canadian public about their one biggest campaign promise, and that is "Standing up for Accountability" or otherwise known as cleaning up Ottawa.

    But let's have a little recent history on the "Honourable" David Emerson's campaign, and how blatant his post-election betrayal really is. These quotes are from a fundraiser on January 16th, one week before he won his riding...
    “Let's just ask ourselves whether Canadians want the Conservative kind of change: every man for himself, the strong survive, the weak die. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Taxation to benefit the rich, to take from the poor. Elimination of a child-care program that'll help young Canadians become productive members of our work force in 10 or 20 years regardless of their economic or social status.”
    Well it looks to me like he saw himself as the weak and poor, and betrayed his constituents and took the "every man for himself route".
    “‘Turn your back on First Nations, Metis and Inuit.’ That's what the Conservatives are saying. ‘Let's have another look at the Charter. Let's restrict some people's rights under the Charter, but let's have property rights under the Charter.’”
    He needs those property rights now, especially considering the hike in pay he likely got after being appointed as the "Honourable" Minister of Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway...
    "They've created a platform that's mushy, that's under-costed, and non-specific about where the money is going to come from. And what they do, once they're in office, is start to cut social programs, start to run a deficit, start to raise taxes. I've seen that with every Conservative regime that I've ever encountered, and I've been in public service - involved in public policy - for over thirty years.”

    Looks like the personal experiences of the "Honourable" David Emerson have really paid dividends when it comes to his convictions.

    “Let's not forget - softwood lumber was a victim of Brian Mulroney throwing it off the table, because the Americans didn't want it included in NAFTA. And it's only now, with Paul Martin, that we have stood up to the Americans on softwood lumber.”
    Of course being from BC, the "Honourable" David Emerson most likely is quite intimate with the forestry industry, so I could see why he stood behind Paul Martin and his standing up to the Americans on the matter. It is good to see that his integrity is in the right place. Not to mention H-Dog's increasing ties with Mulroney, even as we speak.

    So how does a man that a mere one week before an election was so opposed to the Conservative "Vision" sell out and switch sides only two weeks after winning the election?

    Oh yeah, Capitalism rocks, even when democracy suffers.

    *** UPDATE ***

    I spoke to soon. CTV is reporting about how the "Honourable" David Emerson is bubbling with confidence, saying he would most likely win another election in his riding, running as a Conservative. All I can say, is that if the same folks voted for him again, they deserve him...

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