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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Some snow for the Olympic spirit

    Stardate 5358.2

    After a weekend boasting nearly +15 celcius a week and a half ago, we dropped to -33 and now we are getting the snow that Torino has been getting. I guess it isn't so bad really, as we have had an awesome mild winter. Of course with the Olympics and all that, it is nice to perhaps feel like winter for a while, though I still hate it...

    Speaking of the Olympics, our hockey team is facing off against Russia today in the quarter finals. Good luck boys. And try to keep the toes out of the crease. I was watching the Switzerland game and the Finland game last weekend and I thought the rules and officials were half brutal. I saw guys get penalties for going for a rebound and barely touching the goalie at all, and also for having a toe in the crease. Oh, and don't hit too much. You'll make the Europeans cry :D

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