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    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Stand up for Opportunity er... Accountability

    Stardate 5319.0

    "Stand up for Opportunity" more likely. It seems the big top priorities of the Tory party got a bit bungled already.

    Before I go further, I agree with many readers who suggest that Liberal and NDP outrage is a bit hypocritical with regards to the "Honorable" Mr. Emerson's recent floor crossing. The same outrage should really be shown towards Stronach and the rest. Of course now, that doesn't matter much. The fact of the matter is that this has just occured literally days after being elected.

    One of Harper's big selling points in his campaign was to "Stand up for Accountability" and to clean up the government. One of the first moves he makes is to bribe a Liberal back-bencher to defect to the Tories, with promises of riches, fame and power. Maybe not fame, but definately a very nice and cushy Ministerial package. This particular situation is almost laughable in it's sillyness.

    Now, Emerson is suggesting that he would back floor-crossing legislation. What a joke. It took him a whopping 14 days to switch sides after crushing the Conservatives in his riding. In fact, he continues to suggest that partisan zealots and party operatives are "spinning the media" with regards to his treachery. So he would support such legislation but has no intention of running in a byelection at present.

    Harper is surrounding himself already with people of the highest character and ilk. Good job H-dog!!!

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