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    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    The Iranian Agenda

    Stardate 5258.8

    Iran. This is a problem that has been going on for some time now. I am of very mixed feelings about this entire situation, partly because I oppose the build-up of nuclear weapons by any State, but also because Iran, for all intents and purposes, seems to be playing a game with the IAEA and the UN Security Council, as if goading them into hasty action.

    The scene is old news now. Iran claims they need the ability to have nuclear power, but the US and European Union believe that Iran wants to create weapons with such knowledge. In light of the ridiculous comments that are continuously spouted and then refuted by the Iranian Prime Minister with regards to the destruction of Israel and the denial of certain aspects of documented history and the Jewish peoples, it is little wonder that very few people believe they seek nuclear power only. If indeed this is the case, then they should be willing to have any or all monitors in place to oversee their progress.

    I also believe that when nations with more stockpiles of nukes than I have miniatures start demanding that smaller nations be banned from such technology is not a correct way to go about business. When you think about the Middle East and Oil, it seems that in many cases, the US and other big hitters will inevitably get what is in their best interests. This is proven time and again and the only way this can be changed is if these countries have nuclear capability. I was saddened to see Pakistan and India have their sparring match with testing bombs, and now other countries, especially in Europe and even Israel, are desiring weapons like this as a "self defence" against terror ridden states like Iran. Well as it turns out, we have seen this happen before, and it almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust on several occassions.

    The Nuclear Arms Race began after World War II, and saw the US and their arch nemesis, the Soviet Union, both frantically build bigger, better and more powerful bombs as a military deterrant in the Cold War. This is also what happened with India and Pakistan to a much lesser extent, though the effect is identical. If more countries are allowed to develop these weapons in order to gain the respect of the super powers, then we are starting a buildup of deterrant weapons again. Since everyone claims they will not use such weapons, there is little logic in building them, unless they want clout when dealing with the big boys, or they are in fact going to use them. Realistically, a country with even a small number of these weapons must be dealt with in a different light... There is always the chance that weapons developed in a country like this could fall into the hands of even more terrifying people, though this is a possibility in any state.

    So what to do about The Iranian Agenda?

    Simply put, I think any sort of military force, even if sanctioned by the UN, will result in an Islamic uprising the likes of which even Allah hasn't seen... Iraq and Afghanistan are already hotbeds, and in most of those areas, a peaceful outlook is only a dream in the distant future, so an invasion or bombing of Iran would only fuel the fire of anti-westernism rampant in the middle east, especially if led by the US.

    Stopping the flow of western aid into a country like Iran is likely not goign to achieve much. I doubt much of foreign aid money actually reaches the people who need it anyways, so a tactic like this is only a token solution. Sanctions tend to punish only the civilian population, and in the end, they are likely already living in a state of poverty. Whether or not economic sanctions work is another story. When Hitler invaded Poland, imagine what his response, and in fact, the German people's response would have been to modern day economic sanctions... Well, they would have invaded France even faster most likely. All these sanctions seem to do is create even more anamosity towards the people applying the sanctions, and the end result is basically opposite of that intended. Sanctions against apartheid South Africa in the '60s most definately did not work and the end result of democratic change there was driven by other internal factors.

    The best and easiest way to deal with a situation like this would be through diplomatic means, however, when dealing with a leader that seems to be either insane or openly defiant like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, this can be most difficult! So what can be done?

    How would you deal with the threat Iran is posing?
    Leave them alone
    Keep playing their game
    Economic Sanctions
    Internationally agreed upon military force
    Other military force
    They can't do anything to me so I don't care
    This is very complex and I don't really know

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