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    Saturday, January 28, 2006

    Stand on guard for resources

    Stardate Unknown

    They tell us not to be afraid of the US and their policies and bristling guns. They tell us that some people that are now running our country won't sell us out to the big and powerful nation to the south. Yet some people in the States have other ideas about us. I was surfing along merrily on Blog Explosion and found this site with an alarming post...

    The world loves Canada. Why? Because the people are nice. Is that enough to qualify it as a nation? A bunch of loosely related territories that have nothing in common except, as I understand the history, a desire to avoid becoming American. Canada is so confused about its own identity that it has two official languages. If that is not a recipe for disaster I don't know what is. From what I understand about Quebec, Canada is usually about three days from disintegrating into ten weak little colonies.

    Given that Canada has one of the greatest resource bases in the world and is sparsely populated, should the US consider stategies for annexation? I think so. I should point out that it is neither prudent or desireable to consider military action - Canadians need not worry about such things. If Canada were to fall apart...well, there is the likelyhood that the provinces could be absorbed one by one. Imagine - America becoming a national continent. We would have endless energy and raw materials cascading down from the North. Our economy would burgeon beyond anything we could possibly comprehend.

    What should the US do to promote Canadian disintegration? Fund the Quebec separatist movement. Fund it, promote it, make it difficult for Canada to remain a nation. Within 50 years we would have one currency and one nation in North America and begin to think about competing with the major economies overseas. If the Canadian Provinces joined out of necessity it would be a peaceful transistion and we could work with them to develop a huge resource-based economy.

    It is time for Canada to stop pretending and get with the program.

    Now this fellow, who likely doesn't represent the majority of American thinkers, seems to think that the US should begin funding the separatist movement in Quebec to help fuel the disintegration of our great land so that it would be far simpler for the US to slowly eat up our country, province by province. What happens if people with actual power and control begin to think this way? Maybe they already do?

    Perhaps there is more to this than just the ridiculous post of a nobody. The recent Arctic Sovereignty issue is an example of how tenuous our relations really are. There are a lot of resources up there, especially the vast and mostly untapped Arctic oil reserves. Some people believe that the recent exchange between Prime Minister Harper (bless his soul) and the US Ambassador Wilkins has much more to it than initially meets the eye. With that much at stake, and the penchant the US has to aquire a stronger position with regards to the aquisition of these resources, one has to wonder.

    So should we fear the US with their policies and bristling guns? Will the people running our country sell us out to the big and powerful nation to the south? If people in power think like this one person does, then I would suggest yes, but only time will tell.

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