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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    R.I.P. Paul Martin

    Stardate 5214.2

    After what seemed like an eternity of smears against the man exonerated by Gomery, Paul Martin won his seat but lost the election. There was no doubt about the Liberal scandal and crookery but the fact that this man took the brunt of the attack as leader of the party could only lead to his inevitable stepping down.

    I believe he was handed the worst possible scenario when he took over as leader, with Chretien giving him anything but any form of support. Being Finance minister during the Adscam scandal does not mean he knew what was happening. Only the naive could think he personally oversaw every cheque being signed and every deal being drafted. But I digress.

    Paul Martin was far from a charismatic machine, but he had a strong economical sense, and instilled in me and many others a great vision of what our country is and what it could be. His strong stance with the US on trade issues as well as his desire to maintain our own national voice in the international community with regards to peace keeping efforts, foreign relations and international environmental policy is a testament to the vision he has.

    It is a shame to see him step down from his leadership role, but for the party, no other option is present. His vision will live on however.

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