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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Google THIS George...

    Stardate 5193.2

    CTV - Google defies US govt. demand for search data

    I have new heroes. Okay, maybe not literally, but in our modern world, where every word we speak, hear and type is filtered through the fibre optical lines directly into a massive NSA computer for stuffy suit and tie, sunglass wearing, robotic moving secret service agents to read at the whim of their Simian Leader, news like this is very refreshing.

    Last summer, the White House handed a subpoena to Google to hand over the info showing what millions of web surfers have been searching for on their search engine, a request that underscores the potential for online databases to become tools for government surveillance. Alberto Gonzales is currently asking federal judges in San Jose for an order demanding Google hand over the search records.

    This is just as invasive as the illegal wiretaps that are such a contentious issue at present in the US. What's next? Perhaps they want to know which comics I read, or what character I always play in Diablo? I suppose, if you play Diablo on Battlenet, then they probably already know.

    Yahoo has already sold out to the Feds, so I urge you to NOT USE YAHOO'S SEARCH ENGINE. If you do, I suggest repeated searches for the following:
    • George W. Bush naked
    • Nude George W. Bush
    • Sexy George W. Bush pictures

    In fact, you could use these searches on any search engine for that matter, just to be sure they find what they are looking for. I think this will help send the message that people (and apparently multi-billion dollar corporations) are starting to get fed up with the INVASIVE policies of the Bush administration.

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