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    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Airstrike crosses the line

    Stardate 5174.5

    MSNBC - The recent CIA airstrike attack on a village in Pakistan near the Afghan border has raised the ire of Islamic groups across the country. The strike which was carried out against the current agreement between Pakistan and the US is said to have missed the intended target, Ayman al-Zawahri, and killed only civilians. Thousands of protesters have rallied against the US for several days now.

    At present, the US does not have permission to carry it's hunt for al-Qaida and Taliban fighters across the border into Pakistan. Somehow, I doubt that airstrikes in Pakistani territory are exempt. President Bush had no comment on the airstrike.

    Pakistan may indeed be harboring some of these militants, or even the big names, but what kind of message does the US intend to send when it begins attacking targets in other nations without their permission? Already, many of the people in Pakistan object to President Musharraf's support for the War on Terror, and this incident will only serve to inflame anti-US sentiment in the region.

    *** Update ***

    The US used three Predator drones to fire three Hellfire missiles simultaneously at three seperate targets in an attempt to elimate their target. So the targets as they are now called, were being monitored by the drones, and it is unclear if there was actually any "human" intelligence involved at all.

    I still don't know how the US admin gets off on saying they are justified in doing this, because "we need to kill bin Laden"... Why not just freaking nuke the whole area... As long as they get soem "bad guys" who cares right? Well that is NOT how the world works.

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