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    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    I Love Canada

    Stardate 5188.3

    "Mommy, how come our Prime Minister doesn't love our country?"

    "Go to sleep dear."

    Ever since the debate when Stephen Harper couldn't find it in himself to utter 3 simple words, a nagging thought has plagued my mind...

    What would a Prime Minister do to a country he doesn't love? Would he fight for Canada or sell us out?

    *** Update ***

    I have further thoughts on this in the second comment as quoted here:

    Taking the question in a different line of thinking will shed light as well. He calls Canada a "Welfare state" and says we are proud of it. We are a "second rate" country in his eyes. He says these things with disdain.

    In other words Harper does not love *this* Canada. He would love *his* Canada, with the removal of all of our social programs, welfare systems, and aid for the poor. He would love a Canada governed by the wealthy. He would privatize nearly everything no doubt, and expect veryone to reap the rewards of tax credits for gym memberships, riding the bus and putting little Johnny in hockey.

    A different perspective removing the literal interpretation of saying Harper doesn't love Canada...

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