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    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    A new name for spying

    Stardate 5218.2

    With all of the heat generated by the NSA's illegal wiretap program, the White House is deciding that the easiest way to make the problem go away is to rename the program. Kind of like suddenly calling P.O.W.s "illegal combatants"...

    The White House says the program is not domestic spying, since one end of the phone call or e-mail is always outside the United States. A better term, the president said Monday, would be the “terrorist surveillance program.”

    Is this line secure?

    I would think that the former option has less syllables and would be easier for King George to pronounce, but at least this will make the admin feel better about privacy invasion... There is a live vote on MSNBC regarding the best name for this. I would like to suggest some more names that they missed out on, starting with the two they have.

    • Terrorist Surveillance Program
    • Domestic Spying Program
    • Big Brother is Watching You Program *NEW*
    • We Can Watch Your Rights Dwindle Program *NEW*
    • We Know You Ate Smores for Breakfast Program *NEW*
    • Laura, Where's the Squelch? *NEW*

    Enough of that however. This is another attempt by the Bush Administration to lighten up something that is really very serious, and an obvious overstepping of their power. Now, by using this new "name", they draw the attention away from the American citizens, activists and anti-war groups they spy on and put it back in the direction of those evil, invisible terrorists that are poised to roll over those quaint suburbs of western society with their bombs, AKs and RPGs from across the ocean. Pathetic.

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