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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    Paying for bombs with education

    Stardate 5283.2

    Bush released his new budget. The new $2.77 trillion plan will reduce government funded programs to help with massive deficits. Almost one third of the 141 programs targeted deal with education.

    Of course, there is an increase in spending on the War on Terror, causing more cuts to medicare and education.
    “My administration has focused the nation’s resources on our highest priority — protecting our citizens and our homeland,” Bush said in his budget message.
    So supporting the arts, education, health care, parent resource centers, drug free schools and many other social programs are not the highest priority? They are so worried about balancing the deficit that these programs will be cut but the mighty war machine will get a boost to be sure. The proposed hike in military spending is up by 6.9%; another $439 billion in fact. Even the tax cuts made permanent now by the King George target mainly the rich, leaving the poor with little help left except to join the army perhaps...
    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said that the budget was “filled with pages of giveaways to special interests and cuts to those who can least afford it.”
    Sounds almost similar to the budget and proposals put forward by the newly elected prime Minister Harper up here in Canada. Let's hope his arctic ice warriors from the sky don't end up costing us our arm and leg, and the future of our children. Sounds like the future of American children is in trouble already...

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