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    Monday, February 06, 2006

    4 things with 4 answers...

    Stardate 5278.7

    Well after a fun filled weekend that left me with no time to write, I will start the week with a fun meme thing that finally made it's way to me. Basically, there are 4 questions about me and 4 answers for each question. I was tagged by Verbena-19 so now I must answer the questions and decide if in fact, I am going to continue this by tagging 4 others...

    What are 4 vehicles you've owned?

    My very first car was a 1977 Ford Granada, back in high school. It lasted for some time before succombing to a thrown rod. After that, I went quite some time without a vehicle, and finally, I settled on a 1978 Pontiac Grande LeMans. This was a great car that was sold to me by my step-father, and lasted quite some time. Rust began to take control and eventally, I sold it to a fellow who didn't even want to test drive it. After that, I bought a 1984 Oldsmobile Regency 98, that my wife found as a great deal. It is still running good and is a very smooth ride. The 4th will have to consist of various bikes I suppose... my favorite being my orange banana seat bike I had when I was a kid.

    What are 4 jobs you have had?

    This is a tough one as I have done a fair variety of things over time. Presently, I work for an engineering firm, designing and drafting local roads and highways. I have done this for nearly 5 years now, with a fair bit of mixed experience in the field in the past. I find it satisfying and challenging, and far superior to having to toil away outside in the cold! I have also been a supervisor in the shipping department of a magazine distribution plant where we had to stack totes of magazines on skids, weigh and wrap them and load them on trucks to go all over western Canada. A forklift accident pretty much ended that line of work for me. I have also worked in the oil patch as a well tester. This involved a lot of sitting on my ass, but the actual work (when we had to do it) was very crummy. Always in a hurry, and it seemed it was either muddy and crummy out or else it was freezing cold and crummy out. I had a great job once when I was younger too, working in a hotel/bar as a prep cook, bartender and DJ. It was really fun, but I found that I ended up spending far too much time there, and nobody really wanted to listen to heavy metal anyhow :D

    Where are 4 places you've lived?

    I have moved around a fair amount, including living overseas. When I was a wee boy, I lived in Whitehorse, way up in the wild frontiers of the Yukon, normally haunted by only the brave Canadian Kilted Yahksmen... Of course after that, I spent many years living in either Calgary or central Alberta. I also spent 4 years living in Mbabane Swaziland, in southern Africa where I attended the wonderful Waterford Kamhlaba UWC school. This was an excellent experience for our whole family and offered us the chance to travel and see a lot. I spent several years living in British Columbia, which was very nice, though my favorite spot is still Nelson BC... Now I live around the Red Deer area, and plan on staying for quite some time.

    Name 4 vacations you've taken...

    Well this is kind of a neat question I suppose. I have seen a lot of places, but I guess I can say that I really enjoyed our trip to Egypt years ago, as well as a great holiday in Interlaken Switzerland. I have also vacationed in New Zealand (with a brief visit to Australia) and nowadays, I enjoy camping either locally or in British Columbia with my family.

    As for tagging others? Well frankly, I just don't know who has and hasn't been tagged, so tough luck!

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