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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Defectors: Emerson vs Stronach

    Stardate 5423.2

    Since everyone is saying people who believe Emerson should resign are hypocrites, let's look at a brief and probably underwhelming comparison between his betrayal and that of Belinda Stronach.

    Of course, we are very familiar with Emerson at present, and we know that only a week before being elected as a Liberal MP in Vancouver, by a wide margin, he opposed the CPC platform and policies and he opposed PM H-Dog. Two whopping weeks after beign elected as a "dust collecting back bencher" for the Liberals, he suddenly had some sort of political epiphany and decided to jump ship and accept a very nice post from H-Dog as the Minister of Trade and various other things (one being the Minister in charge of the Vancouver Whistler games, and he has already skipped out on one important ceremony for that...). Now, he believes he did the right thing, and that he would win his riding again, if running as a Conservative.

    Stronach left the Conservatives to join the Liberals only a day before a key vote in the House. She also received a nice post from then PM Paul Martin as the Human Resources minister. However, she actually had reasons as cited in this CTV article about changing sides, including the CPC's interest in allying themselves with the separatist Bloc. The clincher appeared to be great tension with Party leader Stephen Harper which erupted into a shouting match and H-Dog stating that Stronach would never lead the party, nor be featured in any more advertisements.

    Now both did wrong, and both should have had to re-run in their ridings, but let's look at the causes. Emerson has no apparent reason other than the fact that he didn't want to sit at the back collecting dust. Stronach had a fight with party leader H-Dog over various things, and didn't like the direction the CPC was going. Hmmm.

    Go ahead and investigate Paul Martin. However, in Emerson's case, I would suggest that H-Dog is guilty as charged for influencing his crossing, especially considering he had NO MP's in Vancouver at all...

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