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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    GST cut; whoopie ding dong

    Stardate 5707.69

    Yay. A 1% decrease in the GST will make me save so much money... What a joke. Let's say I spend $800 a month on taxeable goods. That means in one year, my tax relief from the GST cut will be (hold your breath please) $96. This is approximately 1/5th of the relief a 1% cut in the tax bracket would bring. What if I was really well off? What if I actually spent $5000 a month on taxeable goods? Well gee, I would save $600 then in a year. This "relief" is really BS considering the Tories are still raising the lowest income tax bracket by 0.5% over what the Grits changed last year. They are claiming of course, that they are lowering the tax bracket by 0.5%...

    I also notice that much of the budget has been diverted from the arts and environment to *gasp* the military, law enforcement and security. Hello! Cutting spending on the environment? Arts? I am sure certain "professional" artists whom I won't name will have no problems with the government cutting funding to less fortunate artists and entertainers, but really, when culture dies and is replaced with the military, then society is lost.

    Then there is the issue of handing out money to people for kids...

    Thanks to Cerberus, I remember that many of the basics in life are GST exempt. So my figures are very high. I would suggest that I spend perhaps $300 a month on GST goods. That would be a yearly TAX RELIEF of $36.

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