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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Habs Watch - Live from Montreal

    Stardate Unknown

    Montreal 1 Carolina 2

    Okay, not from Montreal, but still... pretty exciting so far.

    After two, it's still 1-0. A lot of chances, shots... Cam Ward is really putting on a show for Carolina. I haven't heard about Koivu yet; the high stick got hiim right in the eye I suspect. There was no penalty which really surprised me because even though it wasn't intentional, there is usually a mandatory penalty call...

    Great game after two periods. Just in, Koivu will not return; he is off to the hospital.

    14:00 to go and Ward robs Higgins. Montreal is dominating face-offs this game!

    Damn.. the crowd is singing with 13:00 left. Hope it isn't a bit premature...

    10:00 to go and lots of hits. Montreal is content to plug up the middle, and still get chances... Good stuff!

    8:30 to go and Brind'amour scores... Tie game now! Hold on boys...

    7:50 and there's a Carolina power play. Not good... Does Brind'amour ever run out of gas?

    4:54 and it could be a long night...

    Damn... minutes left and a friggin penalty on Komisarek for high sticking... What a joke after Koivu lost his eye earlier... 4:00!!!!!

    First Murray and then Bonk get great chances short handed early on... Murray blocks shots... what a kill!!! 30 seconds left and Carolina is off-side.

    0:24 left in the third, and they killed it off!

    We got OT again!!!! Man, what a game! I think I need a sedative... or something :P

    Good first few minutes anyhow. Tight coverage, no mistakes!

    Tripping call against Plekanec. I have real mixed feeligns about the number of calls in OT so far this year... Well stay tight boys!

    Damn! Power play goal with one defender stickless... Garrrrrr!

    *** Morning after thoughts ***

    First off, Cam Ward played great for Carolina. Several times, Montreal should have taken the lead but he made sensational saves to keep the puck out.

    The refs seem to like stickign things in their mouths when they never would have dared to before. But then they also miss things that are blatant, expecially considering there are two refs and two linesmen out there. Koivu sustained a cut near the eye in what I thought was a pretty obvious play, and directly in front of the official. No penalty whatsoever on it, even if accidental. Then with less than 5 to go, Montreal gets called for a 4 minute high stick on what Ribiero says was Stillman biting his tongue... I agree. Bad call. Then in overtime, Plekanec gets a hold, and what does he say? "Maybe I held him, maybe he fell over the net..."

    As far as I am concerned, these are the two things that decided the game. Some great saves by the young Carolina netminder, and some VERY sketchy calls at brutal times in the game.

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