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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    What kids think of H-Dawg's Child Care Choice

    Stardate 5637.74

    This is what babies think of H-Dawg's Child Care planMaybe this kid wanted a hug instead of a good, firm handshake. Or maybe he was trying to tell H-Dawg that his beer and popcorn proposal is absolute rubbish.

    I was watching Edmonton Global news last night, and they interviewd some folks from H-Dawg's Vancouver trip about Child Care, and one lady said that the $100 a month will barely dent the cost she pays ($975 a child) and will do nothing to help the 300 child waiting list...

    I seriously hope the opposition BLOCKS this proposal. It is ridiculous, and will do nothing to solve the long term problems plaguing the Child Care system. This really doesn't affect me personally, but then I have no control over where my tax dollars go. However, I would rather see them used in a more useful manner regarding Child Care than payoffs...

    The only people this will seriously help are the people already staying at home. I mean really, would YOU quit your job for $100 a month to stay at home? Yeah right. Big choice there...

    *** UPDATE ***

    THIS in from Blast Furnace Canada... It's worse than we thought at campaign time even...

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