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    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Party on Garth; Hosts not liable

    Stardate 5718.60

    Really, I can't believe they wasted resources deciding this in the Supreme Court... Of course, they made the right decision.

    In our spoon-fed society, where no-one wants to take responsibility for their own actions, I guess pinning a drunken driver on the party hosts is par for the course. Of course, I disagree completely however. If I want people over, I will encourage them to walk or take a cab of course. There is no way I would ever force anyone to hand over keys, or worse though, and if the SCC had decided hosts were responsible, I wonder how many BBQs people would have still, and nights at the friend's... Next thing you know, people will be suing fast food places for having hot coffee... oh wait!!!!

    Grow up people. If you are stupid enough to drink and drive, don't pin it on the kind folks that had you as a guest.

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