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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Of terror plots and fear

    Stardate 5873.88

    I am somewhat surprised in actuality to have heard of the "story of the day" as an apt commentor calls it. Well, I am surprised somewhat I suppose... I was of the belief that there would never be any sort of terror plots or attacks in Canada until the day that Harper got his vote to extend our mission in Afghanistan. Even then, I suspected it was still only a small chance. Of course, I now think our lot has been tossed in with the Americans and British.

    In Toronto, they have apparently set up and busted 17 people involved in such a plot. Before folks start jumping up and down saying "I told you so" think about a few points.

    These men posed no threat whatsoever. No really, it's true. Allegedly (this should be a familiar word), CSIS has been watching them for ages, and the RCMP themselves delivered fake fertilizer to them in order to move in and nab them. Of course, this goes to show that our intelligence and law enforcement groups are doing a great job. Kudos to them.

    A mere week beforehand, CSIS and the media had the country in an uproar with the announcement of "homegrown" terrorists all over Canada. In fact, they went as far as to sugget that they could be right in your backyard. Talk about fear mongering.

    Coincidence? Likely not. The CSIS interview was probably talking about the very plot they busted up the following week. This bust all seems very convenient to me. I am not suggesting anything underhanded, but really, within a week? Perhaps this is a prelude to giving said agencies more powers, such as phone taps, internet search collection, and indefinate imprisonment without charges or warrants? When are we going to see the Canadian Patriot Act hit the House? Please, please, do not let it happen.

    Already, these 17 men are guilty, even without full legal proceedings. What proof they have beyond what the press is reporting about the actual fertilizer order is not known. Did these men intend to blow up things? Probably... but they still need proof. Naturally, once th epress got a hold of this, they are already guilty... on parade for the whole world to see. Canada did good! Next thing you know, these guys will have actual, real, alleged ties with Al-Qaeda instead of simply planning an Al-Qaeda style attack.The kind folks that run the corner store may also be guilty now, though maybe not literally, but how many Canadians will go to the corner store run by foreign folks and not look at them suspiciously out of the corner of their eye?

    In my opinion, the press release about "homegrown" terrorists lurking in Canadian streets did far more damage to our culture, society and country than any bomb ever could. We as Canadians, have always prided ourselves on what is quite literally a melting pot of culture, races and religions. Now, we can develop intolerance, racism and hate instead, and we can do it with the blessings of our Government and their agencies.

    There is one solution... get out of Afghanistan. Leave the Americans to their own plans of capitalist conquest.

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