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    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Operation: Routing out Evil

    Stardate Unknown

    Get ready for this... over 11000 coalition troops are about to go on the largest offensive yet against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This includes 2200 Canadian soldiers. I have only two things to say... good luck boys, and why are we on the offensive? Who decided it was actually time to change how we help in foreign conflicts? I know the role of our troops has changed from our traditional roles now, but why? This goes back to the difference between Peace-keeping and Peace-making. The first is defensive, while the latter is offensive. To some, this would be a valiant mission, one that will test our soldier's mettle, and allow them to act and rout out the evil Taliban, alongside their British and US brothers. To others, this is another reminder of how we have begun to follow the steps laid out by the Americans in there "War on Terror". Battling an insurgency that will continue to grow until the occupation of their country countries is over.

    I am waiting for the Harpsicle to tell us that these men and women are risking their lives to protect our freedoms and interests overseas. Yeah, some dudes we disagreed with in a frigid desert thousands of miles from nowhere are a risk to our freedom. What interests overseas? The fact that if we withdrew our support for the US occupation that they would spank us and stop inviting H-Dawg to Crawford for steaks and some riding? What is a risk to our freedom is that every time we go on the offensive, we risk the chance of provoking other forms of attacks, like *gasp* terror, wiretaps, prison camps...

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