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    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    Computer Issues update...

    Stardate 6307.95

    As I mentioned last week, I had a very strange issue coming up with my machine at home, a generic host process for WIN32 services errorwhich came out of the blue, that caused me to end up re-formatting and re-installing Windows on my computer. This is never a bad thing I suppose, as it gets rid of any bugs that the various scanners and utilities don't pick up. Sometimes your core windows files can get damaged and this fixes everything nicely.

    Sadly, the problem persisted, even after a fresh install. It turns out that quite a few people experienced this problem starting on August 12th. Probably a bad Windows update patch. I was lost for a while, but after poking around a bit, I found a funny system device called Media Controller device which windows could not identify, nor could it find drivers. I also had a duplicate network card that was disabled, so I killed the connection associated with that. Either one of these things being disabled or a new Windows update patch seems to have fixed the problem. It has been three days now, with no further error notifications.

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