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    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Gerard Kennedy for Liberal Leadership

    Stardate 6274.45

    Admittedly, I have been far too busy, and somewhat disinterested in the leadership race to really pay attention and choose whom I would support. My first gut instinct was to pick Ken Dryden because after all, he was my hero as I grew up watching the mighty Habs... but I knew that wasn't enough. I thought about how Scott Brison would be a good candidate, as he was young and energetic, and how respected he is in the party.

    Finally, after reading a little on the individual sites however, I stumbled across a line from Gerard Kennedy on Re-developing Canada's global Voice...

    "In a landscape dominated by one super power and populated by many despots, the world once again needs Canada. We must once again become an honest broker capable of both negotiating and keeping the peace.

    An international country faces outward, proud of our dynamic society at home and reaching out to build a better world. We must be a country that is willing to oppose unjust wars and to stand up to human rights abuses.

    But we also must be willing to play our part in ensuring international stability. Canada must recommit to international institutions while working to strengthen our relationship with the United States.

    Canada's unmatched diversity should be a unique strength in foreign affairs. We can be the world's meeting place, its common ground.

    With our unique strength come unique obligations. Only Canada can translate the hopes fears and aspirations of the world's many people into a new common language of progress. We can and we must make it our most important export to the world.
    Canada must be relevant again on the international stage. Canada can be so much more."

    Gerard Kennedy, April 2006

    This statement alone hit me in such a powerful way that my mind was made up. I have always seen my Canada as the country who brokers peace, and maintains it, rather than choosing sides, and leading in roles of aggression. Especially in these trying times, we must maintain a focused goal when it comes to our great land's image in the international community, and with a Leader like Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal party will either take this country back in that direction, or battle hard against Harper and his neo-cons in the House to keep Canada's record clean, and on track. I want Canada to be *the* international country.

    After reading this, and coupling it with his strong desire to help the elderly and poverty stricken, his desire to build an "enterprising" society and country through education and creating a desireable business environment, and the fact that he has such strong western Canadian roots, I have decided to endorse Gerard Kennedy as the Liberal Leadership candidate of my choice.

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