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    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    The War on Idiocy

    Stardate Unknown

    Recently, in an attempt to curb the use of liquid explosives on airplanes, governments across the globe have began making passengers dump out all of their drinks before boarding planes. The alleged terror plot in England made sure of this. Of course, this knee-jerk reaction is the logical step that governments so embroiled in the War on Terror should take, and soon, you won't be able to take bottled beverages anywhere in public period. I mean why not smuggle a bottle of "Nuke-Cola" into the Superbowl game? What happens if a supposed terrorist works at the airline? Oh yeah, they screen everyone now... But just to humor me, they could smuggle anything on a plane, either in the every day supplies such as food and *gasp* drink, or the baggage compartment. What happens if people put liquid explosives in their baggage? Maybe they will be searched or maybe they will simply get tossed into the cargo hold.

    Our society has become so frightened of the faceless enemy known as "Terror" that they will do whatever our government demands, in the name of National Security, without even taking pause to think about it. Dumping out your bottle of water or soda pop? Come on. This is getting to the point of nonesense, and sadly, more and more people are eating it up like it is a new religion of some form. Already, you cannot take on any sort of knives, razors, lighters, and a vast sundry of other things such as hairspray and other beauty products onto a plane... toothpaste? Are they serious about this crap? You have to have shoes checked manually as the X-Ray devices cannot detect explosives in shoes... but what about your underwear? You could trim your Hanes with some form of explosives if you like. I wonder...

    I estimate that within another year, you will need to throw out all of your clothing, get strip searched and probed while all of your baggage is scrutinized for powders, fluids, illegal objects and whatnot, then don a Department of Homeland Stupidity approved disposable plastic outfit until you arrive at your destination, where you will be searched, probed and made to wait for an extensive search of your baggage before you can change into real clothing again. Of course, if you complain even once, you could be held indefinately without charge, as a terror suspect and enemy of the State. There would be no hope for your baggage...

    No Bibles allowed either LOL...

    At one desk was an elderly Asian woman.She had two bulging bags and her mandatory clear plastic bag in which was a rather snazzy, leather-bound Bible with gold-leaf pages and the title "Good News" that she was clutching for dear life. The BAA check-in woman tried verbally to prize it from her grasp, but the old lady wouldn't give it up. A security official was called, and the woman was offered the choice of putting it into her luggage or having it taken away from her.

    This is getting even sillier the more I read. Asthma inhalers being confiscated? Cookies?

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