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    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    How to raze a country in 3 weeks

    Stardate 6168.90

    I understand that Hezbollah has launched hundreds and thousands of their short range rockets into Israeli towns and even as far as Haifa and beyond. We know everyday how many rockets they launch because the news agencies tell us. Many Israelis have been killed and injured by these rocket attacks, to the tune of 28 Israeli civilians being killed and 418 injured so far. These attacks should be condemned by the international community of course, especially considering how often they occur and the targets generally being civilian populated areas!

    However, this got me thinking. We know Israel has been carpet bombing Lebanon for weeks now, and in fact, they have killed 577 Lebanese civilians and injured 1661, leaving upwards if 900,000 Lebanese people displaced from their homes. I wanted to know how much ordnance Israel has used... or in other words, how many bombs, missiles etc. have they fired into Lebanon. This is not something that is reported daily on the news, so it took a little poking around.

    This map is from a site called Click it for a hi-res version that shows in great detail the location and frequency of air strikes. The site also has maps showing how much infrastructure (only updated to July 24th) has been destroyed by the air raids. That is, roads, bridges, fuel stations, airports, all that. I can honestly say, I had no idea the Israeli air strikes were this rampant. The map shown is only updated to July 30th, and since, Israel has continued aerial bombardment of many areas.

    I do not have the time to count all of those little circles...

    Casualty numbers are ever changing and taken from the Wikipedia page documenting the events. The numbers of Lebanese casualties and injured differ depending on sources.

    UPDATE: There are new maps updated on the site showing further air strike locations. Check the August 6th map to see further attacks.

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