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    Monday, August 14, 2006

    Peace and quiet

    Stardate 6223.26

    The camping trip ended yesterday. It is always good to see family, and the forested environs of Red Lodge Park are just as idyllic as I remember from my childhood. My fondest memories were always about dashing down paths between the massive trees, with chipmunks squeaking and birds singing, exploring far and wide the vast boundaries of the campground. The Little Red flows by quietly, swelling only after a good rain.

    This trip was no different. The site we had was very good, and one of the things I especially like about the campground is that no matter how busy it is, your little spot is secluded enough to afford privacy and peace. It was a large spot, but then we had threee trailers and a tent all packed in. We drank a lot, but then having some beer by the fire is always fun. The day after we arrived, my wife and I spent a few hours floating down the river, and it was nice just to get away from everything and everyone. It rained the next day, so we stayed covered under awnings and tarps, keeping as much dry as we could. Thursday was the day of the massive storm that went through Red Deer, the worst of which missed both our campground and our home in Blackfalds thankfully. That day, we ran into town to check on our house and cat, and to pick up soem things from Red Deer. We had seen the wall of ominous clouds threatening to unleash their wrath as we drove back, but missed the worst of the storm by what was probably only minutes. It did rain even more however, and we had spend a day inside and under cover to stay dry.

    The sun came out again on saturday, and we made another trip down the river, though this time, the Little Red was much higher after the storms, and the trip was much quicker. We almost lost Grandma as the last spot to get off had a tricky current that took her dingy off course, and around the bend. She was saved however, and after we all returned, she had quite the story to share with everyone.

    It was good to get home yesterday, though even today I wish I could have slept in, and relaxed another day. Leaving the world behind sometimes gives me an empty feeling, but I think I needed the break from everything, whether it is war, disaster or terror. These things dominate our airwaves, especially now, and sadly, we tend to let them replace our thoughts as opposed to the quiet trips into the wilds and peaceful time spent with family. I am glad they have agreed on a ceasefire in the Middle East. The toughest part will be maintaining it, however, and I hope it sticks. I see more terror plots have been foiled and of course, the gut reaction from security agencies all over the world is now to ban juice from airplanes. Soon, there will be so many things you cannot do because of the "War on Terror", there will be no point in travelling at all.

    I am glad to be back from our trip, though I am not glad to be back at work yet...

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