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    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    How about a juicy slice of Peace?

    Stardate 6193.55

    Brother will kill brother
    Spilling blood across the land
    Killing for religion
    Something I don't understand.

    Fools like me who cross the sea
    And come to foreign lands
    Ask the sheep, for their beliefs
    Do you kill on God's command?

    Holy Wars - Megadeth

    Israel drops bombs and invades, and Hezbollah retaliates with rockets and vice versa. So far, this conflict has cost mankind a thousand innocent lives, and a million people have fled the remains of their homes. At this point, the pointed finger of blame really means very little, and as is almost always the case in any conflict, the reasons are both vague, and unwarranted.

    The U.N. Security council has been working to forge a lasting ceasefire in the region perhaps weeks too late, but nonetheless, it is on the table as we speak. The general idea is that a buffer zone in southern Lebanon will be created and patrolled by 15,000 Lebanese soldiers working with U.N. troops. This of course, goes hand in hand with an immediate end to all hostilities.

    This sounds reasonable for now, but the proposal seems to omit two very obvious points. Firstly, Israel must withdraw every last man from Lebanese soil, and Hezbollah must be disarmed. Both of these tasks seem formidable at present, especially considering how difficult disarming Hezbollah will be, and the tendency Israel has to raid and rocket targets outside their borders...

    I am quite surprised that initially, the US along with Britain, Israel and sadly, Canada, did not support an immediate ceasefire, yet now, the US is pushing for an expediant passing of this UN resolution. As for a permanent and lasting peace? I am not so sure having thousands of soldiers patrolling a border fosters a sense of peace, but the fact is, the presence of these soldiers would be essential in inhibiting the growth of other radical military groups, and stopping Israel from further aggressions into the area. I also think that some other agreements need to be reached, and there is the issue of rebuilding a rather huge chunk of Lebanese infrastructure and homes.

    The permanent and lasting peace will only happen when everyone decides it's time to grow up, and accept the fact that mankind is one, and all people, regardless of race, religion and wealth are equal.

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