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    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Getting real with "terrorism"

    Stardate 6377.70

    For years now, the biggest catch phrase on the news, in politics, and just about everywhere is "The War on Terror". Face it, it has become a marketer's dream. In this case, perhaps the marketers aren't just politicians. When all you hear and see on television is "Terror", it is understandable to assume that people will be afraid, and when people are afraid, they tend to watch more, and more...

    It's time to get a grip on "Terrorism" and the fear that people are being fed daily. This article on Alternet is really good, and goes to show that the only losers in the "War on Terror" are the public... those of us that our leaders are claiming to be trying to protect. After all, they get their approval ratings up, and since we are all so damned afraid, the unseen terrorists lurking in our backyards have all won as well.

    Recently, I asked if there was *really* a "surge" in terrorism... Is there? Every damn attack by any sort of people against almost anyone now is called a terror attack. Whether it's militants, insurgents, high school vandals or crazed Jihadists, it all gets lumped into the new definition of "Terrorism". Of course there are real terrorists out there, but for the most part, I suspect people are *looking* for more and more justification so that they can re-affirm what they are told by the press and our leaders.

    In fact, I suspect that a vast majority of newly documented terrorism incidents are directly related to the actions of the Bush administration and his army of the willing, mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are these terror attacks? By terrorists? Or are they attacks by an organized or at least loosely grouped together resistance force? Of course they are. These attacks would never be there, nor would they be happening on a daily basis if the US response to 9/11 was different.

    We have created a whole new genre of terrorism.

    Frankly, I scoff at the thought of Islamic extremists in some far away cave wishing Allah would make me pay for my freedoms and lifestyles... The mere thought of this is a joke. Politicians spouting off about how this is true, and how this evil, faceless enemy will stop at nothing until me and all of my neighbours are dead in the shattered hulks of our SUVs and motorhomes make me really wonder how intelligent beings can believe it.

    When H-Dawg and McChimpy say we must make sacrifices to combat the "scourge of terrorism", they are right. We have to sacrifice our common sense, and our own freedoms.

    And the faceless terrorists sitting in caves somewhere far away have won without even firing a single 7.62mm shell.

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