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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    US military bans torture

    Stardate 6339.50

    It seems the US military has finally banned the torture and degrading treatment of prisoners during interrogations in their new manual. This is really good news, except that the CIA is still exempt from the rules binding the military, and what really sucks is that Bush has now admitted that the CIA has or is running secret prisons for suspects in the "War on Terror"... This is all a big run-up for them to introduce new legislation for allowing military tribunals to carry on at Gitmo. Remember, these tribunals have only recently been deemed illegal by the Supreme Court. So in a nutshell, it's still okay for CIA operatives to humiliate, torture, starve and do other perverted and disgusting things to "detainees"... and these are likely who is in charge of all of the key prison facilities in the "War on Terror".

    I wonder when Congress and the rest of the country will stop listening to Bush's crap. The only new things he says is what we already know (and was formerly secret). The rest is as they say, history (even the made up stuff LOL)...

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