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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Sentences don't stop gun violence

    Stardate 6402.75

    H-Dawg is again pumping his fist in anger at the inadequate sentences for gun offenders, saying how much their plan to increase the mandatory minimum sentences will stop these crimes cold.

    This government is determined to have more effective legislation that will prevent such a tragedy and such an act from occurring in the future. I call on the opposition to support our bill in order to implement mandatory sentences for crimes committed with firearms.

    I call bullshit Mister Prime Minister.

    How many times do you hear about a shooting at a school, or college, or McDonald's, or wherever, and in fact, the shooter either kills himself (purely coincidental reference to gender where the subject is in reality, androgenous for all intents and purposes...) or is killed by law enforcement officers? I mean seriously... these folks, for the most part, are probably mentally unstable and suicidal to begin with, thus their reaction to the situation by shooting others in gun rampages.

    How is increasing sentences actually going to PREVENT these things from happening? It won't. It is a reactionary measure as opposed to a preventative measure and in many cases (like above), will do NOTHING. Do you think some hoodlum about to pull the trigger is even contemplating a sentence in prison? Tough call there...

    h/t to Cowboys for Social Responsibility for the transcript link...

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